cane hill | walking the perimeter

Normally, most Cane Hill excursions start from the most northwesterly part of the site, where the discrete footpath starts from Portnalls Road, circles the west and south of the site, and then disappears down the hill where it joins the main Brighton Road.

To give this tour a different feel, I start from Brighton Road, first checking in with security, who inhabit several portacabins at the base of the hill. From then on, itís a ramble of about half a mile up the hill through pleasant woodland and green fields.

The occasional boarded up house and hospital sign reveal that this isnít some National Trust tour.

At the left of the picture, the end of the hedge can be seen. Around this corner, is the start of the Cane Hill tour proper.

2009: Itís interesting to note that I actually asked security if I could walk around the perimeter of the buildings and take some photographs. The guy in the office was perfectly happy with this idea and simply asked me to sign in.

Within a year, the whole situation changed and the siege began. No-one could predict the power of the Internet and the effect these pictures would have (both this perimeter walk and the subsequent "Grand Tour").

Signage walking up the main drive. © Simon Cornwell 2002