cane hill | walking the perimeter

I’m now following the footpath around the hospital, as it moves away from the buildings.

This the end of the first ward buildings encountered. And here one of the more disturbing parts of Cane Hill is apparent.

It's shown on the next page, but as a clue, they’d never have to board up the windows here.

2009: The former Female Ward A was designed for the sick and infirm. By the time the hospital closed, and the ward renamed Browning/Blake, it was being used as the ECT treatment room.

It was one of the last wards to close and hadn’t been cleared. Blake (the ground floor) had one room stuffed full of hospital equipment whilst Browning (the first floor) was still furnished with beds, side-tables and curtains. This piqued the interest of many explorers and Browning became the most photographed ward in the hospital.

South-east bay windows of the day room of Browning/Blake. © Simon Cornwell 2002