cane hill | walking the perimeter

Further on up, and the wings of the hospital draw near to the footpath again.

Itís a maze of buildings, and walkways and roads. Sometimes you can see doors in the third storeys, opening out into nothing but iron cages. Cane Hill is a strange, strange place.

Iím often amazed at the condition of the tarmac around this wing. Thereís no grass or plants growing through it after at least twelve years of dereliction. Whoever laid this can do my driveway anytime!

Here I've past No. 3 Garden, shared by Donne/Dickens, Ellis and Faraday. The later is the tall imposing building in front, with Ellis crouching to the right.

2009: This shot shows how overgrown the airing courts had become. It was impossible to see some of the wards from the footpath. My friend Pete walked around the hospital in 2006 after the grounds had been cleared and took shots of the cleared buildings; the number of buildings revealed was impressive.

View north taking in Faraday ward to the left and Ellis to the right. © Simon Cornwell 2002