cane hill | walking the perimeter

As I walk on, the end of the ward comes into view, showing off an impressive bay window. This is the end of the big, fat Faraday ward, a short, wide, stumpy affair.

This was probably the entry point of many explorers since it was close to the footpath. The hospital security guards have quickly boarded up any future attempts to get in.

And the new security fence is an impressive barrier, preventing anyone from actually getting to the buildings.

2009: Female Ward F remains an enigma. Its configuration was unique at Cane Hill and no counterpart appears on the male side of the hospital.

It boasted triple bay windows, large open day rooms and dormitories, and only a small number of single rooms. It was originally designed for the Chronic Working.

By the time Cane Hill closed, the upper floors were used as teaching and lecture rooms. This is probably because they offered more space than any other wards in the hospital.

Western end of Faraday ward. © Simon Cornwell 2002