cane hill | walking the perimeter

My theories about the new security fence disappear as I reach the next wards.

Another addition to the hospital, squatting between these ward wings, is this small single storey building with an octagonal building tacked on the end. This is the Sports Pavilion.

Vandals have been in, and have merrily daubed the white door of the building with taunts to security.

(One map of Cane Hill shows an octagonal structure in each garden. It isn't known if these are some symbolic addition to the map or actually represent some form of building.)

Along this side of the hospital, the old wire fence was uprooted and thrown into the grounds, as the new fence was erected. At the opposite side of the hospital, the new fence has been sited in front of the existing wire fence, creating a double barrier.

At first glance, the ward behind looks covered in Russian Ivy, the red leaves uniformly covering the walls. It isnít until you reach this ward, that it becomes clear that it's been altered, with red tiling covering the wards.

This is No. 4 Garden, and we're looking towards the elegant Hill/Harvard

2009: I believe this octagonal building was the bricked in remains of Cane Hillís last shelter. It was demolished, along with the ward behind it, in 2009.

Former shelter now converted. Hill/Harvard ward is in the background. © Simon Cornwell 2002