cane hill | walking the perimeter

These 'extra' wards donít have the elegant bay windows of the buildings of the first phase.

Iíve read that these blocks are equipped with lifts, which is what could be housed here, although I donít see any winch gear or housings on the roof.

Intriguingly the left half of the ward (as from this view) doesnít have the red wall tiling.

However, the provenance of this block is older than I thought:

"The lift rooms are on [these] buildings - if you look near to the nurses home (the straight block) [coming later in the tour], you can see a tower running up the side of the building. They are very close to where the block starts."

And they're not that modern:

"Those blocks were there in 1883. Ihave a plan from 1883 from the "Journal of the Royal Institute of British Architects". It also shows fences between each block. I need to scan it, there are a lot of interesting things on it.".

A set of plans can be found in the The Cult Of Cane Hill section of this website. These are from a later date and show these wards.

But for now, I pass Hill/Harvard and miss Johnson/Jenner wards completely - these are buried well beyond the view of the fence.

2009: This was one of the wards built when Cane Hill was extended in 1888. Interestingly architect Howell elected to use yet another ward configuration for the extensions.

The red tiling was not unique to the extensions; Male Ward D also had the same tiling on its eastern flank.

Western end of Hill/Harvard ward. © Simon Cornwell 2002