cane hill | walking the perimeter

Ah, the joys of the English spring. Or as Henry Rollins put it, the pissy, pissy, pissy English rain.

Iím left alone with my sodden thoughts as I trudge the muddy path towards the nursesí block, with only the security fence for company.

Itís an impressive fence. But they skipped on costs a little and didnít bother encasing the old nursesí building, which can be seen ahead. Here, is the only place where you can touch Cane Hill, and feel its hard, brick-like[1] exterior. Enjoy!

[1] Since it's made out of brick. Not surprisingly

See also: October 2002.

2009: The public footpath continued north-west eventually terminating on the Portnalls Road. However, you could swing right and continue following the perimeter path around the northern side of the hospital.

In halcyon days, ramblers, dog walkers and horse riders could circumnavigate the uncharted eastern flank without incident. But once the urban exploration movement exceeded securityís patience to deal with it, then being found on this side of the hospital, even outside the perimeter fence, inevitably led to trouble.

View north-east along the footpath at the back of the site. The northern end of the Nurses' Block can be seen. © Simon Cornwell 2002