cane hill | walking the perimeter

A unique part of the tour, since Iím now walking around the old nursesí accommodation and thereís no razor topped fence between me and the hospital. Hurrah! Instead, every bottom floor window is barred, fenced or bricked up. Alas, that illusive interior shot is still denied!

These woods must have been full of perverts and peeping toms in the first half of the century, all attempting to peer into these windows. I guess they all moved to the separate, new nursesí block in the 1960s, when the nurses did.

Now the woods are full of vandals chucking stones through the windows. This is one of the most damaged parts of the hospital in terms of vandalism. Shame!

2009: Cane Hill had several urban exploration Achilles Heels and the former Nursesí Block was one of them. The imposing perimeter fence didnít enclose the building, and the powers-that-be presumed the sturdy wooden board over the ground floor windows would prevent access.

They were wrong. For a short time, those in the know had a handy, undetected way into the interior of the buildings which bypassed the perimeter fence entirely. It was most civilised.

Detail of the upper storeys of the north-eastern side of the Nurses' Block. © Simon Cornwell 2002