cane hill | walking the perimeter

Honestly, it’s eleven o’clock in the morning.

Unfortunately I didn't take a snap of Lidgett/Lettsom ward which towers over the footpath at this point. Onwards.

The modern chimney of the power plant and boiler house is the next sight. The mortuary is around here somewhere as well, but the security fence has now reappeared, and prevents any straying from the beaten track.

Our seasoned explorer, is also well acquainted with Cane Hill's history:

"The original boiler house was next to the tower, on two levels. There is a tunnel from the base of the incinerator chimney to the remains of the old boiler house on the lower level.".

2009: The modern boiler house also lacked the protection of the perimeter fence. Again, it was assumed it could form part of the perimeter itself.

So it became another weak point. I gained access to the hospital for the "Grand Tour" and "Spooks And Structural Failure" explorations by using a ladder to get up on the roof and then down into the hospital itself.

And ladders were plentiful. Many could be found discarded in the bushes.

South-western side of the Modern Boiler House and chimney. © Simon Cornwell 2002