cane hill | walking the perimeter

And here I stand on the perimeter of the industrial throbbing heart of Cane Hill. To my right is the squat red-bricked boiler house, a new addition to the hospital. The home of big impressive boilers, tunnels and asbestos.

In the center is the water tower. Considering weíre perched on top of Cane Hill, and the tower isnít a small building, this local landmark can be seen for miles around. Drive south down Purley High Street and there it is, the Cane Hill water tower. I bet all the locals will miss it when itís gone.

This was one of my Ďhand-through-the-fenceí shots. You canít get any closer. Alas.

2009: This area was open before the perimeter fence was erected. You could walk up the drive past the new boiler house and climb over the small gate by the water tower.

Or, for the more adventurous, you could sneak into the boiler house and take one of the service tunnels into the hospital complex.

There were many ways to get inside.

View south across the loading bays of the Modern Boiler House towards the Water Tower. © Simon Cornwell 2002