cane hill | walking the perimeter

They’re serious about this fence.

The old fence used to skirt the base of the water tower area, where generators and power sources would feed the transmitters on the tower. The new fence bars all access including the farm barns and the boiler house.

There's an old story that someone, one night, crept up here and restored power to the whole hospital. And then turned on a few lights to freak security! Probably an urban legend.

Or is it?

"I got an e-mail from someone who we also met up there once. They did appear to have power to clocks and lights, by proof in photos. The substation in the tower courtyard did certainly power the transmitters. Not sure though..."

I also queried this with an urban explorer who’s an electrical engineer. He mentioned that when sites are discarded, the fuses are usually pulled on the main fuse box but not discarded. He related his own story of exploring an old school, empty for years, and restoring power to that by closing the fuse box switch.

It’s during the first stage of demolition that the power is completely removed.

So - maybe this story wasn’t so far fetched after all!

2009: Here’s another picture which should’ve ended up in the recycle bin.

Blurred shot of the eastern side of the Modern Boiler House. © Simon Cornwell 2009