cane hill | walking the perimeter

Itís a bleak, windy, rain sodden day. Not a good day for urban exploration.

The rain repeatedly splashes onto my camera lens. The ground is sodden and wet.

As I pass the nursesí accommodation block, the main admin buildings can be seen on the side of the hill. The owners cut the grass here here, perhaps attempting to preserve the vistas to the front of the building.

The new security fence, costing thousands of pounds, can be seen stretched across the front of the hospital. This is my first view of the new anti-vandal, anti-explorer defense.

I trudge up the grass bank. The first (nasty) surprise waits.

2009: It was an appalling day. I just happened to be travelling and took a brief detour to walk around the perimeter of the hospital. The weather was dreadful and it was bucketing down. Iím surprised some of the shots came out as good as they did.

This was my first view of the new security fence which looked utterly impenetrable. However, there were weak points which Iíd soon discover.

Looking west towards the Administration Block. © Simon Cornwell 2002