cane hill | walking the perimeter

Now, this sign is the daddy. And dreadfully dirty. I did think to give it a wipe, and there was a steady flow of clean water from the heavens to aid me with this task, but I was already filthy and I had to stand in a bush to take this shot. So thatís enough sacrifices.

If you drove up from the 'back-entrance' of Cane Hill, from an entrance on Portnalls Road, then this sign would greet you. There are ward letters, and places, and an even more helpful direction to the recreation field, but itís just got too muddy to read now.

I wish I had cleaned it now. Never mind - Iíll update this page when I go back.

2009: Marlon cleaned this sign up and we eventually gleaned some of the ward names for the male side of the hospital. By then, the various maps and plans of the hospital had also started to surface, so everything started fitting together like one huge jigsaw puzzle.

Dirty sign on access road approaching the back of the hospital. © Simon Cornwell 2002