cane hill | walking the perimeter

You can read this one. But it’s not as interesting.

The Brighton Road exit takes you down by the modern nurses’ home, a route I won’t be taking in this exploration. The ‘Car Park’ is the concrete area by the boiler house. But isn’t the recreation field the other way?

Someone added "L.M.S." and classically realized that room was limited after scrawling the ‘M’ and squeezed in the ‘S’. Graffiti can occasionally be entertaining or informative, but planning in advance is crucial. If you’re going to write three letters, make sure you’ve got the space for them. Now instead of being immortalized on this web site for the whole world to see, I’ve just taken the piss. I hope you’re ashamed.

Point the nozzle of your can in your face next time.

Alternatively, spraying "Simon Cornwell is a wanker" across the sign would be amusing (albeit only for me), but I'd only be impressed if it was perfectly centered in an inch-high proportional gothic font.

2009: Here’s another pop at the vandals and arsonists. No-one ever accepted the challenge.

Sign on the south-eastern perimeter road. © Simon Cornwell 2002