cane hill | walking the perimeter

Now the tour is almost finished. As I arc around the last ward end, and ignore the path to the nursesí home, the final stretch to the admin block can be seen. Again, Iím denied any casual access to Cane Hill, as the new security fence cuts across the road and snakes across the front of the lawn.

Anyone mad enough to tackle Cane Hill in the dark should be wary of the opened manhole cover to the left of the fence gates. It looks like hot water pipes from the main hospital building to the nursesí home, but isnít a tunnel. Itís a good sized hole though. Either way, itíd be a real surprise in the dark.

From the left can be seen the admin block, the end of Olave/Queens and Pucin/Paxton wards.

2009: This was as far as Phil and I got when we first explored the perimeter of the hospital back in 1999. As we rounded the bend before the Administration Block swung into view, we noticed the grass had been freshly cut and there were cars parked outside Admin.

Instead of just boldly continuing, we turned and quickly retraced our steps.

Looking south-west towards the end of Olave/Queens ward and the eastern flank of the Administration Block. © Simon Cornwell 2002