cane hill | walking the perimeter

The rain gets worse and the wind blows stronger. I am now almost at the hospital, approaching the admin building, the most architecturally interesting area.

The clock tower is defaced. I knew that the clock faces had been removed, but I wasn't prepared to see the tower looking so empty.

Everything of beauty at Cane Hill is being removed or destroyed.

2009: This picture of the vandalised Administration is, regrettably, the most recognisable. The popularity of Cane Hill post-closure, and after the vandalism of Administration, has ensured that this image is the default; itís almost odd discovering archive photographs where the clock tower still has its faces and thereís no encircling steel barricade.

The cover art of "The Man Who Sold The World" was almost prophetic as the clock faces were also missing. Even the pop-art cover showed a dilapidated, wrecked clock tower and not Cane Hill as it originally was.

Looking north-west towards the centre of the Administration Block. © Simon Cornwell 2002