cane hill | walking the perimeter

Doesnít it stir the stout explorerís heart?

A road leading to the infamous chair room (the conservatory on the right which was stacked with nothing but chairs), above which is a window with a green cage around it (another spooky Cane Hill artifact), an inviting bay window at the end of the road and behind and above that the chapel, the heart of Cane Hill.

The chair room is part of Olave/Queens ward, with the 'chair' room being labeled as Psychology Department on some plans. That makes some sort of warped sense.

Well, a year ago, I couldíve walked up here, taken some nice close up photos through a few windows, and had a chat with security in the admin block. Well, actually I did, although security didnít seem to be in, and I didnít have a camera.

Instead, here I am banging my chest on the flipping security fence, and taking the picture with my arm outstretched. Bloody arsonists. And the results of their work can be seen from here. The bay windows at the end are newly boarded up.

2009: Thereís lots of confusion in my original narrative. Our first walk in 1999 took us to this point before we turned back, spooked that a supposedly derelict abandoned site was still having the front lawn carefully mown. I returned in 2001 to bang on the front door of the Administration Block but despite the parked cars outside and the lights being on inside, no-one came to the door.

The boarded windows were an oddity but werenít the results of the fire.

View south-west along the service road along Olave/Queens towards the Administration Block. © Simon Cornwell 2002