cane hill | walking the perimeter

And here ends the tour, this final sign pointing the way back down the hill to Coulsdon and the main road.

Cane Hill is now a dangerous ruined place. I saw no evidence of the major fire, testament to the sheer size of the hospital, but itís assumed this occurred in the laundry and sprawl of buildings to the back of the hospital.

The perimeter fence means business. And security patrol with dogs.

However, those wishing just to walk the perimeter, and look at the old buildings, can do so. As mentioned, a public footpath from the Portnalls Road, winds down the west and south side of the hospital and gives some good views of the wards and the frontage of the hospital.

2009: Thus finished my first pictorial record of Cane Hill. Looking back, I found it somewhat naive and full of assumptions, rumour and a dubious scattering of poor humour, illustrated by some appalling, poor resolution photographs.

But it was a start.

© Simon Cornwell 2002, 2009

Sign on the road back to the A23. © Simon Cornwell 2002