cane hill | walking the perimeter

Two of the clock faces, bent and battered, lie discarded on the left wing of the admin block. The fact that they've just been left here, just adds to the misery of the front of the building.

All the windows of the left wing have, for some reason, been opened. The curtain in the top left window fluttered, sodden in the breeze.

It looked like the fire reached the boarded up window; but it was contained in the front hallway only, so it looks like security were a little overzealous boarding up the other windows.

The Director Of Nursing Services occupied the ground floor rooms, whilst the Personnel Department was upstairs.

2009: The clock faces were bent and battered. I think they were forced out of their housings to fall to the ground below.

The clock mechanism didn’t fare well either. The thieves ripped it out, leaving pieces of intricate metalwork scattered throughout the first floor of the Administration Block. I found some components wedged against the perimeter fence on a visit in 2005.

When English Heritage refused listing, they specifically mentioned the vandalism of the clock. It was only one of their many points, but one wonders if a more intact Administration Block would’ve swayed their opinion.

Damaged clock faces lie against the western wing of the Administration Block. © Simon Cornwell 2002