cane hill | walking the perimeter

The footpath leaves the main road (which continues to the secure unit) and now runs alongside the hospital as a muddy trail. Itís at the corner of the left wing that I join it and I spot this sign attached to a tree.

I prefer it when nature takes over. This is how Cane Hill should gradually die.

This is the first picture to be taken from behind the slats of the security fence. The previous pictures were taken by holding the camera through the slats, hoping that the shot would be OK, and that I wouldn't drop the camera.

2009: Signage was really important in those early days. I had no plans, no maps and absolutely no idea what I was taking photographs of.

However, when information came to light, I returned and edited the narrative. So Walking The Perimeter was changed several times over the years as I discovered ward names, locations of key areas etc.

Sign to the Recreation Field by the west wing of the Administration Block. © Simon Cornwell 2002