cane hill | walking the perimeter

I remember when all this was buildings.

On my first visit to Cane Hill, this was all portacabins and wooden sheds. For this was Cane Hillís social club, where the patents could be social for a couple of hours, after which they could return to their anti-social ways. (I guess thatís how it worked anyway.) Compared to the rest of the place, it was very boring and we didnít give it much of a look.

On my second visit to Cane Hill, it was a burnt out shell, the target of the second arson attack. A sad sight to behold, but interesting as a huge iron safe sat almost untouched amidst the wooden wreckage. Unfortunately it wasnít worth the effort to get to, for fear of breaking your neck falling through the black, charred wooden floor.

What would you keep in a safe in a social anyway? Beer? Money?

On second thoughts, perhaps it was worth the risk.

Hereís the site now. No burnt remains. No safe. No nothing. They cleared it. And this is why I took the shot. Because, the bulldozers have been to Cane Hill and theyíve cleared the social club.

Whatís next?