crx | fearlessly facing flincher

This rather repulsive fat toilet (being too low, and too fat is it some form of combined toilet and bidet?) is comically topped off with the bowl from a sluice.

The black bin liner still remains in situ it looks like no one wants to touch that.

A surgical first assist in trauma wrote in: "Just wanted to let you know the 'fat' toilets you refer to aren't actually conventional toilets but hoppers, used in operating rooms, labs and some hospital wards for 'large' waste, such as that which is collected via other methods, the dumping of blood and or other body fluids and waste. We use them to pour off the water from the basins where we pass off surgical instruments with an excess of bloody tissue and bone. The instrument rooms rip us a new ass if we send down instruments still soaking in the tissue and blood clotted water."

I hope no-one was eating their breakfast when they read that.