crx | fearlessly facing flincher

Around all the rubbish and debris, a single stone chimney marked the resting place of The Stage Room, the communal area of the hospital. Under this collapsed roof lay the remains of a piano and the infamous Buxton Chair, immortalized in the Pwurg song “Buxton Chair Academy.”

At this point, two car doors slammed. Things were not right.

We edged back down the Covered Corridor and peered through a window to the north – three men could be seen walking purposefully towards the hospital from the direction of The Saw Mill.

Mustering all the decorum we could, we (to coin a phrase) legged it. It was at this point that the simple geography of the hospital helped as we just made for The Grand Corridor, ran down it until we hit the Courtyard, rushed through Reception, dashed across the car park, and made a very inelegant exit of the site over the main gates.

My thinking at the time was that anyone who parked in The Saw Mill, and who obviously had a way to get into the site from there, must be on official business. (Stories from other explorers backed this up.) So, we felt it was time to leave.

As we left the site, five teenagers passed us on the main road outside. I turned to watch them as they got near the main gates. They quietly jumped the gates themselves, and disappeared into the hospital.

So, over a warming drink back at The Feathers, I think we had a lucky escape. And as twelve people were in the hospital that cold December afternoon, the CRX was becoming a popular place indeed.

Anyway, I never saw the Plunge Pool nor found the Mortuary. But I know people who have been in the Plunge Pool, who will find the Mortuary and have experienced The Flincher. If you enjoyed this little tour, and want to know more, then head off to The Shrine – the ultimate resource for the CRX.

© Simon Cornwell 2002