crx | fearlessly facing flincher

The Canadian Red Cross Memorial Hospital has become the stuff of legend.

Known as the CRCMH, or CRX by those who worked there, the hospital was built in the grounds of Cliveden under the patronage of the Astors, providing medical care and recuperation for the servicemen of the two world wars. After the Second World War, the hospital was generously given to the NHS, who turned it into a leading establishment for the research into childrens’ diseases.

In 1985, it suddenly closed, and has been quietly falling down ever since.

Given the level of interest in this old ruin, and the fact that workmen were actively engaged in various tasks around the site, and attempts by The National Trust to turn the rambling old ruin into a swanky housing estate, it was time to look around before it was gone.

And there was also the question of the ghosts – rather than go for geographical locations, we were heading for the most haunted areas of the site.