harperbury hospital | empty

The classrooms were completely empty. In the corner of one (pictured below), a innocent looking cupboard turned out to be padded inside; it was a brief, poignant reminder that some of the children taught here were epileptic.

The rooms were all painted different bright vivid colours, with different decorations and colourful motifs. Particularly eye-catching was the rainbow, arcing over the entire width of the room. The cheerful orange lino also cheerfully covered and hid the rotten floor; several holes suggested that other curious visitors suddenly found themselves several feet shorter.

The original 1930s classrooms on the east-west spur of the building were in good condition. However, those on the north-south spur were in dreadful condition. Many of the slates on the roof had either slipped, or been stolen, leaving these rooms open to elements. Insulation, straw and plastering lay strewn around the rotten, wet floorboards.