hellingly | the gt hine lock-in

I'm afraid a multi-map view will have to suffice, as I don't have any plans of Hine's larger asylums.

Here's the main areas we explored:

Fun run. It didn't seem very fun where I was standing.
Ward #1. Rather smashed.
Main Hall. Rather smashed.
Tunnels. Strangely these are smashed.
Ward #2. Not so smashed.
Corridors.. These, oddly, are smashed.
Ward #3. More smashed ward goodness.
Kitchens. And then we ran for it.
Stores. So smashed that it's hardly worth it.
Admin. On the train to Smashed with a one-way ticket.
Engineering. It's pretty neat. No, I'm joking, it's smashed.
The Tower. We were going to climb it, despite it being smashed.
The Way Out. And almost into the arms of security.