leybourne grange | reporters, residents and removers

In the end, we never saw the Manor House. The nice security guard drove up, asked what we were doing, and then asked us to leave.

Then the nasty security guard drove up at 70MPH, screeched to a halt by us, yelled at us, shouted at us to leave, and then proceeded to drive like a maniac around the site, and out onto the main roads. It was a bit much that he shot past on the A20, as we emerged from the public footpath about thirty minutes later.

Some you win, some you lose.

In the end, the moral of the story is, donít take journalists where you donít know the lie of the land. Nor if you want to get inside places, get filthy and get some good shots. On the other hand, the journalists did find out more about the place; especially from the people who used to work there. And the final write ups are always interesting... Not that anything ever appeared this time.

At least we saw the clock tower, the architectural landmark which piqued my interest in the first place. Built of white brick, it shared many architectural details and flourishes with the smaller house down the drive: two coloured bricks, stone mullion arched windows, overhanging eves.

Iím going to have to go back. Leybourne Grange is due for redevelopment in Autumn 2007 - thereís still plenty of time.

© Simon Cornwell 2006