leybourne grange | reporters, residents and removers

By now, everyone wanted to get to the Manor House. We were now seeing tantalising glimpses of its white walls and chimney stacks through gaps in the trees.

We then turned a corner and walked slap bang into the dog walkers.

At this point, one of the journalists started a conversation. It turned out that the dog walkers used to work there, and had permission from security to exercise their dogs on the site. They were saddened by what happened and the closure; Leybourne Grange was a happy place. And whilst its time had come, they still regretted its departure.

Had we seen the Manor House? No. Well, it was beautiful. And just before closure, it was fully restored. But it’s completely sealed up now and very well protected. No-one can get in.

I mentioned that there was nothing about the Grange on the Internet. They shook their heads sadly and said it should be remembered, and that someone should write its history. It shouldn’t be allowed to simply disappear.

We should’ve disappeared at that point - because security turned up and busted us.