napsbury | foiled by the curtain twitchers

Marlon and I were itching to get inside and we could see several possibilities. Unfortunately each possibility involved climbing scaffolding in the broad daylight of all the houses clustered around the building; even sneaking around the side of the hall put us in full view of the twitching curtains of the occupants of the former infirm blocks.

We could've just gone for it, but I would’ve excepted the police to turn up ten minutes later. So reluctantly, we limited ourselves to exterior shots only and then carried on our journey.

As for the building, it’s future was uncertain, as Crest Nicholson originally considered converting it into a recreation hall. Unfortunately even though the new Napsbury is in vital need of community facilities, the repair and conversion costs were simply too high; and so a different solution was required. Crest Nicholson have now applied to convert the building into 13 two-bedroom and 21 one-bedroom flats and duplexes.

A pity that this elegant space couldn’t be preserved as such, but for a building to survive, its conversion into other forms for other uses is sometimes the only way. I definitely prefer that to another pile of rubble.

© Simon Cornwell 2006

The north western corner of the building still reveals the remains of the interconnecting corridors.