nocton hall hospital | surgery, x-ray, wards 46-56

The former Nocton Hall Hospital now stands empty, the site earmarked for a new residential development. Given the current financial situation, I expect the hospital to remain standing for a few years more. This, in my opinion, is an opportunity.

Whilst Nocton Hall Hospital is totally stripped the buildings themselves have an interesting story to tell - one which I couldnít begin to discern given our mere hour at the site.

This hospital is worthy of further study as itís a rare 20th century relic. Most of the RAFís hospital sites were demolished after the rationalisation of the 1980s. To find Nocton Hall Hospital still standing is fortunate.

Imposing building found along the east-west road which divides the north and south sections of the hospital. Probably a medical store.
View west. © Simon Cornwell 2008

View north from roughly the same position. Behind the storage building are a series of cold store buildings. © Simon Cornwell 2008