nocton hall hospital | surgery, x-ray, wards 46-56

Nocton Hall was acquired by the Air Ministry in 1940 and promptly turned into an RAF hospital. However, the small, cramped manor house was ill suited for a hospital (due to its size and layout) so the RAF requisitioned Rauceby Hospital instead and temporarily moved into the asylum. The hall was pushed into use as a clearing hospital.

In 1944, the USAF took over the hall, and also found it ill suited. Therefore they built the United States Army Seventh General Hospital in its grounds. This huge sprawling construction provided 740 beds plus a host of other facilities (including operating theatres). The now redundant hall became a prized Officers’ Club.

View east from the grass area south of the boiler house. The building appears to be another ward, but it's separated from the main hospital. © Simon Cornwell 2008

The view south west. Two of the (roughly) north-south pavillion wards can be seen with a linking corridor between. © Simon Cornwell 2008

The view south from the same position. © Simon Cornwell 2006