nocton hall hospital | surgery, x-ray, wards 46-56

A couple of years after the war, the RAF took back the hall and its new hospital complex (allowing Rauceby to revert back to a lunatic asylum). Realising its potential, the new RAF(H) Nocton Hall became the RAF’s permanent hospital for Lincolnshire, serving the airmen of the many airbases scattered around the county. Its facilities were constantly expanded and improved with a major reconstruction programme in 1955 being followed by several gradual improvements throughout the 1960s. This ensured the hospital could offer all the routine facilities of a modern general hospital. These facilities were also available for members of public from the surrounding villages.

The main east-west corridor which bisects the two sets of north-south aligned wards in the northern half of the hospital.
This corridor is much wider than the main north-south corridor which traverses the entire site. © Simon Cornwell 2008

The reception desk in the main east-west corridor. © Simon Cornwell 2008

Looking west along the main east-west corridor towards the western entrance of the hospital. © Simon Cornwell 2006