nocton hall hospital | surgery, x-ray, wards 46-56

RAF(H) Nocton Hall closed on the 31st March 1983 as part of a rationalisation of RAF medical facilities (a move which would see them eventually using wards in NHS hospitals).

But the buildings did not stand idle. They were immediately taken by the USAF who wanted to use their old hospital for contingency use.

Their plans reached fruition during the 1991/1992 Gulf War when 1300 US medical staff were sent to the hospital in preparation for the treatment of casualties. Thankfully only 35 casualties required treatment and they were hospitalís last patients.

The buildings remained under care-and-maintenance of 13 American personnel after the end of the Gulf War until being handed back to the RAF in September 1995.

View north along the main north-south corridor. This is the surgery section. This corridor then leads to Administration and the main reception. © Simon Cornwell 2008