nocton hall hospital | surgery, x-ray, wards 46-56

The tortured history of Nocton Hall includes several vacant owners and two wartime requisitions. This history of neglect, institutional takeovers and non-occupiers leads invariably to the burnt out shell which exists today. Yet Nocton Hall has another legacy, a massive war time construction which not only survived the war years, but continued to provide a service well into the nineties.

Nocton Hall Hospital lies derelict and abandoned in the grounds of the equally derelict and abandoned hall. Its history and fate is entwined with the stately manor in whose grounds it defiantly stands. And like the hall itís architecturally interesting: not for Victorian grandeur and gothic splendour (which the hall processes); but for its form, function, simplicity and sturdy wartime construction.

It wasnít going to be pretty but it was going to be interesting.

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