queen elizabeths | complacent

It was a hot, humid, Saturday morning in July. Glorious blue skies. The woods were quiet and we didn’t speak much due to the heat. The undergrowth was deep and lush. But there was something wrong.

A generator chugged somewhere within the hospital’s courtyard. Car doors slammed. A diesel spluttered into life. Hoarse shouts echoed around the normally silent buildings. Workmen ripped out windows, saw us and shouted: “OiWhatTheFuckAreYouDoing?” Queen Elizabeths was being redeveloped.

I’d missed my chance. I should’ve got in there as soon as I heard about it. Instead, I was complacent. Now the site was being redeveloped into unaffordable housing and was crawling with activity.


So, nothing for it. Plan B: Grudge tour of West Park.

© Simon Cornwell 2005