rauceby | silent running

I returned to Rauceby with Smorgy for a repeat trudge around the hospital in the spring of 2003. Wed arranged to meet some fellow enthusiasts who were talking about using a model helicopter with camera to get some aerial shots. They never showed.

We walked up to the asylum, arriving just a car disappeared over the brow of the hill. Spooked, we continued our walk, noting how immaculate the place was, the lack of vandalism, and the total absence of anyone. Apart from the crows.

The place spooked us. Completely. I took some photos and left.

We returned with Phil in the summer. And it was during that exploration that we finally got in. So this tour features both sets of photos - telling the exterior and interior stories of the best preserved asylum I have ever visited. And we were still spooked whilst with Phil.

I think he thought we were wimps.

  Part of: Rauceby Virtual Asylum