rauceby | recce

After forgetting to take the Multimap prints we me, I drove up to Rauceby safe in the knowledge that my AA map would get me to either North or South Rauceby where a large abandoned asylum should be quite noticeable.

Except after a tour of the lovely Lincolnshire villages in question, I couldn’t find anything remotely asylum looking. Except a lone sign which pointed back out of South Rauceby with the moniker "Hospital".

About to give up, and assuming that the hospital had been swallowed by a huge landslide which had remained unreported (this was Lincolnshire after all), I remembered that the hospital was near Rauceby station. Which, thanks to Victorian planning, wasn’t even near the villages in question.

So I found the station. And then drove past this rather attractive gatehouse. With nice iron gates. And a nice Hospital sign. And even better, a glorious "24 Hours Security - GO AWAY" sign. Hurruh!

I was up that drive like a rat out of drainpipe.