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GT Hine, the principle asylum architect at the turn of the century, designed Kesteven County Asylum. His designs were always practical and not pretentious, so I wasnít expecting something of the gothic opulence of Cane Hill (an asylum that Hine had praised as being the best of its class).

However this gatehouse was certainly a good looking lodge and far better than Cane Hillís rather drab gatehouse. And this was the back gate! So how would the rest of the hospital look?

"The Gatehouse which you show was not actually a gatehouse as such , it was the residence of the Chief Male Nurse at that time a Mr. W.H. Clemmit whose wife was also a nursing sister at the hospital and his daughter became a nurse at Grantham Hospital. The Medical Superintendent was a Dr, H.A. Cole" - Cliff Charlesworth