severalls, warley | comparisons

1. Administration Block

The Administration Block had a myriad of functions: the principle coordinating management centre of the hospital; the chief superintendentís office; the board room; visitorís reception; and even the location of the billiard room.

As asylums became bigger, the Administration Block became steadily smaller, as more of its original functions were distributed around the complex.

The Administration Block was also the most opulent part of the asylum (both inside and out) and formed the first impression of patients, staff and visitors to the asylum.

When asylums are redeveloped, it's often the Administration Block that survives, being converted into flats or offices.

Below: Note opulent two doored main reception hall of the corridor asylum with extensive detailing and wood panel roof. All these details are lost by the time of the echelon asylum, the only detailing being the county crest above the door.