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A final shot of the boilers, giving a better idea of their scale and power. This room must have been extremely noisy and hot when the hospital was in use.

"The electrical control boxes in front of each boiler contain the burner control and boiler safegards, various bells for low water cutoff and flame failure are also hooked to these units. The clear guages on each side of these boilers shows the water level in these boilers."

"As they appear to be high pressure steam boilers, I also wondered was the yellow pipe that runs along the ceiling and down to boilers 1 & 2 connected to a natural gas system, as these two boilers appeared to be upgraded more recently? I would assume they are setup for dual fuels, both oil and gas, or, perhaps gas only. If so, I would assume were most likely used in the summer time to provide heating for the domestic hot water system, thus reducing the need for the other boilers to operate, and reducing fuel costs by relying on diesel." - D Dunn