severalls | industrial heart

Again, despite wondering around the industrial heart of the hospital, no plans, maps nor schematics of Severalls could be found. Then again Severalls is the cleanest, most deserted hospital I've ever explored, so we weren't too hopeful.

So, back to this bird's eye view.

Here's the main areas we explored:

Ivy Villa. Not covered in ivy at all - and featuring a nasty surprise for unwary epileptics.
Severalls Exteriors. A couple of shots before the 200 yard dash.
The Laundry. Alas, no Severalls strait-jackets to be found. (Shown in Red).
The Basement. Which used to be packed with patient records.
Walking To Engineering. It was a lovely day, so we did spend some time outside.
Storerooms. And we actually found some paperwork.
Engineering. It was like the boiler rooms of the Titanic in there - but slightly less wet. (Shown in Yellow).
The Tunnels. Although Severalls calls them 'Subways'. (Shown in light-blue)
The Bombed Ward. Strange post-war repair job. (Shown in dark-blue).
The Kitchens. Meat locker fun.
Admin Block. After looking at it from one side of the fence, we were now the other. (Shown in purple).
Fernholme Villa. One for the more violent ladies.