severalls | unfinished business

Myland Court long resisted urban exploration, being surrounded by a wire mesh security fence, and so was in relatively good condition. Id previously reported on the its sprawling nature, heard the stories of its labyrinthal internals, and failed to get inside each trip.

This was different, and the interiors were not as complex and convoluted as Id believed. A simple spine corridor served the ground floor, with several staircases leading to wards, individual rooms and bathrooms. It was also the location of ECT at Severalls, but like the rest of the hospital, all rooms were cleared, and the only clues were door and direction signs.

I had a major Cane Hill moment, and fell through the floor. It was the only place in Severalls where Ive actually found rotten wood. And I went and stood on it. No-one else noticed. I was safe in my shame.

We kept the tour short. Someone had been robbing the plumbing, a small pile of pipes and fixtures in the corner of the corridor suggesting dubious workmanship. Exceptionally dubious when we discovered they were gas pipes, and the upper floors stank of leaking gas. Time to leave.

(The authorities were told that gas was escaping in the building.)