severalls | unfinished business

Fernholme Villa is ugly; both inside and out. Itís exterior is of a large, unbalanced brooding building, the entrance being too small, a pinhead on such a large body. Inside itís always dark, with high ceilings, and a corridor layout which causes disorientation every step.

Given just these observations, itís a nasty building. But I donít recall many dayrooms in Fernholme, the memory is just cell after cell after cell. Pink suggests female. And it was also the location of the large cell with the convex mirror, peephole and window; whoever was put in that room was dangerous.

There was some scrawl inside a cell, a crude map showing the location of staff. It felt like an escape plan. Escaping from Fernholme was probably a wise decision.

"Fernholme Villa is where the violent female inmates of Severalls were kept. These people were kept seperate at all times of the day. Being let out one at a time for air and exercise." - D