severalls | unfinished business

Whilst Iíd been to Severalls several times (in fact it was the second asylum I visited), there was still the nagging fact that Iíd never actually been up the water tower or had been in the chapel. Such failures weighed heavily on my mind: I donít like leaving places unfinished. So when the opportunity arose to spend a weekend urban exploring with some other explorers, I suggested Severalls; and no-one disagreed.

Secondly it allowed me to take new, better, pictures of the main hall, wards, villas and the endless, endless Severalls corridors.

As Iíve explored this location many times, Iíve organised the tour differently with multiple pictures per page. I wanted to put up as many pictures as possible, but didn't have much more to say about Severalls, so this seemed a good way to organise this tour.