st. crispin | red fences and red tape

Two surveyors emerged from a ward; hard-hatted and hard-headed. “You’re not supposed to be here” they warned, but they quickly started laughing when I asked where the site office was. “Too early for that” one said.

We explained our quest and discovered that the surveyors were contracted for the redevelopment company to survey the site. They pointed out that the buildings were dangerously unstable, riddled with dry and wet rot. One showed us some pictures he took; dull close-ups of joists and beams, sprouting multicoloured fungi and flaking away.

We stamped our feet and bit our tongues. Smorgy was a structural surveyor. I had the experiences of Cane Hill under my belt, equally as dangerous, probably more so.

The surveyors started to to load up their cars, modern prints and plans of the hospital piled in the boot. The Main Hall was clearly marked: “Fire damaged.”