st. crispin lunatic asylum | 85 things you never knew about lunatic asylums

6. Bonnie Tyler said "We've just made a video to go with the single. We filmed it at Holloway Asylum, a doctor who invented a drug used all the money he made from it to build it, to help his patients. Hellish frightening it is though, they've got six security guards and six dogs and the dogs will go in every room of the place except the morgue and they won't step over into the rooms where they gave patients electric shocks. It's funny how dogs seem to know these things."

"It starts off with me daydreaming in this window and I'm supposed to be fantasizing about all these things that happen in the video. There's about twenty boys in it and I'm supposed to be fantasizing about all these boys. There's American footballers, Hells Angels, Fencers and there's one scene where all the boys are sat around in dinner suits looking all suave, there's this big dinner table and they're all drinking champagne out of silver goblets and then they kick the table over and start fighting."

"Two of them actually ended up in hospital because they kicked the table over and a champagne bottle broke and a glass dish broke and two of them fell in the glass and cut themselves."

"We started filming at nine thirty in the bitter cold and we were still there at 3.30 in the morning. At about 1.30am it was pouring with rain and I was there in the pitch black, running through the grass, falling in the muck with these pagan dancers, all of us practically rolling in the muck. It was quite interesting!"