st johns | doom and gloom

Administration was full of debris, splintered wood, broken windows, damp damaged plasterwork and scorched and burnt out rooms; remarkably good condition for 15 years of dereliction.

The hospital closed in December, 1989. The land was sold for housing, and the site was surrounded with modern housing. Only the original walled gardens to the south of the asylum remained, which I'd previously stumbled through.

The hospital has been protected by its Grade II listing, and remains remarklably solid and in good condition after 15 years of dereliction, despite vandlism and arson. However, it is held up as a poor example of NHS, and later, private ownership and management: "In the worst cases historic buildings have been abandoned and their settings irreversibly compromised by insensitive modern development, for example at St John's Bracebridge Heath, a Grade II former psychiatric hospital on the outskirts of Lincoln."