warley | wonderings

A shot of the wrecked windows that were simply leaded glass and not stained glass.

A noticed pinned to the wall stated that the Chapel was to be converted into flats. So, hats off to the developers for having the imagination to keep this structure.

"There were three nursing homes: Brentwood Hall, Crescent Hall (which was very modern and my abode) and the main girls one which was an interesting place to a young ex-soldier feeling the loss of army restraint and being placed in a 10-1 ratio of women to men. The worst place to be placed as a student was on the main building as that was where the Nursing Officers stayed; so no parties or fun there."

"Behind Brentwood Hall was the staff social club, run by myself briefly whilst the greek manager/night nurse of Elm got over a bad case of being caught with someone's missus."