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A final shot of the cross on top of the Chapel. Itís the sort of arty thing which would look good on a navigation frame of a website.

"...Then there was the ex-SAS soldier called Vinny, member of the LRDG, many times decorated, demobbed in early fifties and killed all of his family. He was a laugh a minute chap; always ambushing staff and patients and trying to kill them with his bare hands."

"He was allowed by the Home Office to go on a trip to Whipsnade Zoo. during this visit, and wandering around the enclosures, someone noticed he had disappeared only for us staff to be summoned by the staff of the zoo. Vinny had climbed into the cage of a rather elderly lion and was attempting to rip its poor head off; trouble was he was winning the battle and the poor animal was sedated and we were rather rudely ushered off the premises with ne'er return."