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I wonder what happens to all these plaques and remembrance stones in Chapels when they are converted. Cane Hill also has several – it makes you wonder.

“B.M. Hospital” is a little confusing – “Brentwood Mental Hospital?” As far as I know, this has always been Warley asylum. Answers on a postcard please – or via e-mail.

So, that was Warley. Half gone, half to be converted. I will probably go back to have another look, as the main administration block looked amazing. But, at the moment, I don’t have any plans.

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"Warley Hospital has actually had several names during its lifetime, one of which was indeed "Brentwood Mental Hospital". This is an excerpt from a booklet, printed by patients in the occupational therapy department in 1953, celebrating the hospital's first 100 years:

"Although not legally abandoned until the Mental Treatment Act of 1930, the name 'Asylum' was dropped from 1920 onwards and the term 'Mental Hospital' used with its indication of a more hopeful outlook in the care and treatment of the insane." - Mark

"When opened (23 Sept 1853) it was known as the Essex County Lunatic Asylum. It was called Brentwood Mental Hospital (hence B.M.) from about 1920 to 1953. It then became Warley Hospital." - David

And see how it's going to turn out.